Music in the Tuileries (1862) by Edouard Manet

Music in the Tuileries - Edouard Manet - 1862

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TitleMusic in the Tuileries
ArtistEdouard Manet
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions76.2 x 118.1 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationNational Gallery, London
Location Created Paris, France
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About Music in the Tuileries

Music In The Tuileries is a groundbreaking painting by Édouard Manet in 1862, depicting wealthy Parisians listening to music in the Tuileries Gardens. This work is considered revolutionary for its realistic portrayal of contemporary life and has become one of Manet’s most famous pieces. It is owned by both the National Gallery in London and the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin.

The portrait features prominent figures from the Parisian arts scene, as well as Manet’s own friends and family. At first exhibited in a one-man show at Galerie Martinet, the work was met with criticism and ridicule for its unconventional style, which deviated from traditional art forms. However, Emile Zola praised Manet’s skills as an “analytic painter” for his powers of analysis shown within this piece.

Overall, Music In The Tuileries is regarded as one of Manet’s most important works due to its influential contribution to modern art. It accurately depicted contemporary society without idealizing or romanticizing it while including subtle political undertones that were ahead of their time. With bold strokes and vibrant colors, this painting continues to dazzle viewers with its evocative portrayal of leisurely life during 19th century France.

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