My birds (2023) by Dmitry Glushko

My birds - Dmitry Glushko - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleMy birds
ArtistDmitry Glushko
MediumOil on Canvas
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About My birds

The artwork entitled “My birds” is an oil on canvas creation by Dmitry Glushko, completed in the year 2023. The dimensions of this piece are approximately 16.9 by 17.3 inches. Classified within the genre of animals, the piece presents itself through the lens of abstract art, a movement known for expressive use of color, form, and strokes to convey meaning beyond the traditional representational forms.

Dmitry Glushko’s “My birds” is a juxtaposition of vivacity and abstraction, showcasing a collection of birds rendered with an evident freedom of expression. Various avian species are depicted, each characterized by diverse color palettes and brush strokes that convey movement and life. The birds are set against a backdrop that suggests a natural environment, yet there is an intentional departure from detailed realism. The painting’s composition allows for a fragmented sense of space, where the interplay of light and texture creates a dynamic scene that captures the essence of the subjects. Brushwork remains evident throughout the artwork, adding to its textured, almost tactile quality. The overall effect is one of a harmonious, albeit abstract, celebration of the animal form infused with aesthetic emotion.

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