Nationale 7 (2012) by Manuel Leonardi

Nationale 7 - Manuel Leonardi - 2012

Artwork Information

TitleNationale 7
ArtistManuel Leonardi
MediumOil on Canvas

About Nationale 7

The artwork titled “Nationale 7” was created by the artist Manuel Leonardi in 2012. It is an oil on canvas painting measuring 38.2 by 76.8 inches. This piece is categorized as a landscape, with a stylistic approach that aligns with the figurative art movement, rendering scenes from the observable world.

In the artwork, we are presented with a dynamic and somewhat blurred view of an urban environment where the sense of movement and the passage of time is palpable. The colors are composed of a predominantly blue palette, contributing to a feeling of coolness and fluidity. The brushwork appears swift and gestural, allowing the eye to glide across the canvas, much like the movement of the cars and the bustling city life it portrays.

The scene depicts a busy street with multiple lanes of traffic, suggesting the rhythm and flow of urban life. Buildings line the edges of the street, and there’s a notable depth to the scene, with structures receding into the distance amidst a soft-focus background that gives a sense of etherealness. The use of light and shadow is strategic, casting the environment in a dynamic interplay that adds vibrancy to the composition. Human figures are suggested rather than detailed, and their inclusion, along with that of the vehicles, injects life into the cityscape.

In summary, “Nationale 7” is an evocative representation of a lively urban corridor, capturing the essence of movement and the transient moments of city life through Leonardi’s expressive use of oil paint.

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