Near Rotterdam (1876; France) by Eugene Boudin

Near Rotterdam - Eugene Boudin - 1876; France

Artwork Information

TitleNear Rotterdam
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1876; France
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Near Rotterdam

The artwork titled “Near Rotterdam” was created by the artist Eugene Boudin in 1876 in France. This oil painting is part of the Impressionism art movement and falls within the marina genre. Currently, it resides in a private collection.

The painting depicts a bustling maritime scene with a variety of boats in the foreground and larger ships dominating the background. The artist captures the light and atmosphere typical of the Impressionist style, with loose brushwork and a vivid representation of the sky and water. Small boats with sails are seen on the calm water, while larger ships with tall masts are anchored in the distance. The sky, filled with fluffy clouds scattered across a light blue canvas, reflects on the surface of the water, creating interplay between the reflections and the reality of the vessels. The work conveys a sense of everyday maritime life, with both recreational and commercial vessels sharing the waterway. Boudin’s use of light and color, emphasizing the transient qualities of the atmosphere and the water, is indicative of the Impressionist desire to capture the fleeting moments of natural light and its effects.

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