Ni-ka-re, his wife, and their daughter by Egyptian Art

Ni-ka-re, his wife, and their daughter - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleNi-ka-re, his wife, and their daughter
ArtistEgyptian Art
Dimensions57 cm
Current LocationThe Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, NY, US

About Ni-ka-re, his wife, and their daughter

Egyptian artwork offers a view into the ancient society’s culture and values. The Valley Temple connected to the Menkaure Pyramid holds an excavated collection of statuary, including a breathtaking statue of pharaoh Menkaure and a queen that captures the physical ideals of the time. The seated statue of Hatshepsut, a successful female ruler of ancient Egypt, stands out as a symbol of gender equality in ancient times. The decoration on tomb walls and temples reinforced the memory of royal deeds, and the images varied from gods to human beings, battles, and natural elements such as the sun and the Nile. Egyptian art typically portrayed an idyllic view of the world, and this was due to the religious and ideological focus of the society.

The depiction of Ni-Ka-Re, his wife, and daughter in Egyptian art captures an essential aspect of the society’s life after death belief system. Ka statues were intended to provide a resting place for the life-force or spirit of the person after death. The pigments used in ancient Egyptian art were derived from native minerals, and the colors deshret and hedjet referred to the red and white colors of the Egyptian crowns. The Bronze Age in ancient Egypt began in the Protodynastic period circa 3,150 BCE, and the Old Kingdom period marked political stability and economic prosperity with pyramid building projects.

In summary, Ancient Egyptian Art provides a beautiful insight into the fascinating and complex culture of ancient Egypt. From beautiful statues of men and queens that capture the physical ideals of the time, to the decoration of tomb walls and temples that reinforced the memory of royal deeds, to the depiction of gods, human beings, battles and nature, Egyptian art is a portrayal of the religious, cultural, and ideological beliefs of the ancient society. The art serves as a testament to the Egyptian belief system of life after death, with the Ka statues providing a resting place for the spirit of the deceased.

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