Night of the Rich (1928) by Diego Rivera

Night of the Rich - Diego Rivera - 1928

Artwork Information

TitleNight of the Rich
ArtistDiego Rivera
Art MovementMuralism
Current LocationSecretariat of Public Education Main Headquarters, Mexico City, Mexico

About Night of the Rich

The artwork titled “Night of the Rich” is a significant fresco by the renowned artist Diego Rivera, completed in 1928. Rivera was an influential figure in the Muralism art movement, and his work often reflected social and political commentary, which is evident in the allegorical nature of this piece. The fresco is part of a larger body of work housed at the Secretariat of Public Education Main Headquarters in Mexico City, Mexico.

“Night of the Rich” presents a vivid, densely populated scene that is rich with allegorical meaning and social critique. The composition is characterized by a group of figures seemingly engaged in a lavish gathering, surrounded by an aura of opulence. Several individuals are depicted indulging in excesses such as drinking and smoking, while a central female figure draws immediate attention due to her prominent placement and striking appearance. Surrounding her are men of varying ages and dispositions, some appearing affluent and others showing signs of intellectualism with spectacles and earnest expressions.

The use of caricature is prevalent in Rivera’s portrayal of the figures, highlighting the vices and superficialities of the wealthy class. Symbolic elements, such as the contrast between the rich and less affluent individuals and the inclusion of traditional Mexican elements like the large sombrero, serve to emphasize the disparities and tensions inherent in Mexican society at the time. Above the central gathering, the text adds another layer of meaning, suggesting a critique of the economic system and its impact on the social strata.

Overall, Rivera’s mural serves not only as a piece of visual artwork but also as a social commentary, reflecting his views on the divides in society and the influences of capitalism, as well as the cultural identity of Mexico during a period of significant change and reformation.

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