Nine Peasants Around a Wheelbarrow by Hendrick Avercamp

Nine Peasants Around a Wheelbarrow - Hendrick Avercamp -

Artwork Information

TitleNine Peasants Around a Wheelbarrow
ArtistHendrick Avercamp
Dimensions17.1 x 10.5 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationPushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia

About Nine Peasants Around a Wheelbarrow

The artwork titled “Nine Peasants Around a Wheelbarrow” is a genre painting by artist Hendrick Avercamp. Created using watercolor as the medium, this piece reflects the Baroque art movement. It measures 17.1 cm in width and 10.5 cm in height. The artwork belongs to the genre painting category, capturing a scene from everyday life. It is housed in the Pushkin Museum located in Moscow, Russia.

Depicting a gathering of what appears to be nine peasants, the artwork presents a candid moment of social interaction. Centrally positioned is a wheelbarrow, around which the figures are engaged in conversation and activity. To the left of the artwork stands a pale horse, contributing to an atmosphere of rural life. Each figure is uniquely dressed, suggesting individual roles within their community. The attire and tools reinforce the era the artwork represents, giving viewers historical context.

The rural scene unfolds with a sense of narrative, inviting observers to discern the dynamics and relationships between the characters. The use of color is subtle yet effective in highlighting focal points, such as the wheelbarrow and the distinct clothing of the figures. Avercamp’s composition and skilful application of watercolor achieve a lifelike quality, enticing one to ponder the daily lives of people from the artist’s time. Such artworks provide a visual record of historical socio-cultural elements and continue to enchant modern audiences with their timeless appeal.

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