No. 19-84 (135 x 150 cm) (2019) by Rokas Berziunas

No. 19-84 (135 x 150 cm) - Rokas Berziunas - 2019

Artwork Information

TitleNo. 19-84 (135 x 150 cm)
ArtistRokas Berziunas
MediumAcrylic on Canvas

About No. 19-84 (135 x 150 cm)

The artwork titled “No. 19-84,” measuring 59.1 by 53.1 inches, is an abstract acrylic painting on canvas created by artist Rokas Berziunas in 2019. As a piece of fine art within the abstract genre, it offers a visual expression that eschews representational accuracy in favor of using shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect.

In describing the artwork, one notes the predominance of horizontal bands that extend across the canvas, creating layers of texture and color. The top and bottom sections feature a warm, earthy brown tone that seems to imply a natural, organic origin, contrasted sharply by the cooler, deep blue and black hues that dominate the middle section, suggesting depth and perhaps a sense of foreboding or mystery.

There is a tactile quality to the surface created by the visible strokes and the contrast in color application, from dense, opaque layers to areas where the canvas peeks through, providing a sense of rawness or erosion. This diversity in application creates a dialogue between the layers, and one might interpret it as a landscape, weathered by time and elements, or an emotional tableau that speaks to the ephemerality of experience and memory.

Throughout the artwork, there are hints of lighter, almost white, speckles and patches that interrupt the otherwise somber tonality with bursts of brightness, perhaps invoking a sense of decomposition or the idea of light filtering through a dense atmosphere. The abstraction of the piece leaves much to the interpretation of the viewer, prompting an introspective journey through texture, color, and form.

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