Noli Me Tangere (1425-30) by Fra Angelico

Noli Me Tangere - Fra Angelico - 1440 - 1442

Artwork Information

TitleNoli Me Tangere
ArtistFra Angelico
Date1440 - 1442
MediumFresco on Wall
Dimensions180 x 146 cm
Art MovementEarly Renaissance
Current LocationBasilica di San Marco, Florence, Italy
Location Created Italy

About Noli Me Tangere

The artwork “Noli Me Tangere” is a fresco on wall created by Fra Angelico between 1440 and 1442 during the Early Renaissance period. With dimensions of approximately 180 by 146 cm, the religious painting is situated in the Basilica di San Marco, Florence, Italy. Crafted in Italy, the work encapsulates the essence of Early Renaissance art through its subject matter and technique.

The fresco depicts a biblically significant scene from the Christian tradition, illustrating the moment Jesus Christ appears to Mary Magdalene after his resurrection, with the phrase “Noli Me Tangere” translating to “Touch Me Not” in English. The composition is arranged within an arch-shaped frame, which gives the work the appearance of being a window into a serene, sacred instance. Christ stands to the right, his form draped in flowing, ethereal robes, with an outstretched arm emphasizing his directive, as he holds a staff to symbolize his role as a shepherd. Mary Magdalene kneels on the ground to the left, her posture one of respectful yearning and surprise, as she reaches out to the risen Savior. The natural setting behind is tranquil and lush, filled with slender trees and a verdant landscape that contrasts with the somber tableau of the tomb’s entrance to the left. The fresco captures the resonance of the divine interaction with earthy tones and a delicate application of color that is characteristic of Fra Angelico’s spiritual compositions.

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