Nomads, Portrait of a Woman (1940) by Abidin Dino

Nomads, Portrait of a Woman - Abidin Dino - 1940

Artwork Information

TitleNomads, Portrait of a Woman
ArtistAbidin Dino
Art MovementExpressionism
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About Nomads, Portrait of a Woman

“Nomads, Portrait of a Woman” is a piece of expressionist art created by Abidin Dino in 1940. This portrait captures the essence of expressionism, where emotion and psychological expression are prioritized over realistic representation.

The artwork presents an abstracted female figure that seems to be constructed with loose, fluid brushstrokes. The colors appear earthy and muted, giving a sense of rawness to the piece. Lines and shapes combine to form the woman’s face, with particular emphasis on the eyes, which are rendered with a sense of depth and intensity. The background is minimalistic, allowing the viewer’s focus to remain on the subject. The portrait emanates a certain emotional resonance, characteristic of the expressionist movement, which seeks to evoke a response from the viewer through a distorted and passionate depiction of its subjects.

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