Nordic calmness I (2024) by Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer

Nordic calmness I - Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer - 2024

Artwork Information

TitleNordic calmness I
ArtistMaria Bevilacqua-Fischer
MediumAcrylic, Sand on Canvas

About Nordic calmness I

The artwork titled “Nordic calmness I” is a creation of artist Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer, completed in the year 2024. This particular piece is crafted using acrylic and sand on canvas, providing it with a distinctive texture and depth. The size of the canvas is 23.6 by 31.5 inches, a moderate scale that allows the viewer to engage intimately with the landscape scene. The genre of the artwork falls within the realm of landscape, and it adheres to the principles of minimalism in its execution.

The artwork features a predominantly gray palette, evoking the stark, serene atmosphere often associated with Nordic landscapes. The use of sand in conjunction with acrylic paint results in a textured surface that adds a tangible dimension to the piece. This texture gives the impression of a rugged terrain, possibly hinting at a rocky shoreline or the tumultuous sky of the northern regions. The minimalistic approach is clear in the painting’s abstracted simplicity, void of intricate detail yet powerful in its evocation of mood and place.

Upon closer inspection, one can notice subtle gradations of light and shadow, which suggest the quiet play of natural light over the landscape, whether it be the lingering twilight of a polar evening or the soft gloom of an overcast day. The horizon is suggested rather than defined, allowing the viewer’s gaze to drift towards the center, where a calm but dynamic interplay of light and form takes place. Towards the bottom of the artwork, a network of crackled patterns breaks the smoothness of the surface, perhaps reminiscent of ice formations or the intricate details of natural erosion.

In sum, “Nordic calmness I” by Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer is a contemplative work that captures the essence of a minimalist landscape through the delicate balance of texture, form, and an understated color scheme.

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