Nu Sur La Chaise Longue (1920) by Henri Matisse

Nu Sur La Chaise Longue - Henri Matisse - 1920

Artwork Information

TitleNu Sur La Chaise Longue
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Nu Sur La Chaise Longue

The artwork titled “Nu Sur La Chaise Longue,” created by artist Henri Matisse in 1920, is a nude painting that features a reclining female figure. This piece is emblematic of Matisse’s work in the nude painting genre, emphasizing the human form in a relaxed, introspective state. The artwork showcases the interplay between figure and space, employing a reduced palette and fluid, expressive lines to capture the subject’s form and the ambiance of the setting.

In describing the artwork in detail, one observes a female subject seated on a chaise longue, her body partially draped with a white garment that falls gently around her, revealing her torso and legs. The presentation is leisurely and unguarded, capturing a private moment of repose. The artist emphasizes the curvature and softness of the human body with a minimum of strong color contrasts, focusing instead on subtle shifts in tone to define the form.

The background is sketched with an almost ethereal lightness, giving the impression of a sumptuous interior, hinted at with decorative elements such as a patterned wall and a vase of flowers. There is an apparent interplay of patterns and texture, from the striped fabric of the chaise to the ornate design of the wall. Matisse’s brushwork varies across the canvas, from the almost unfinished quality of the background to the more deliberate and detailed treatment of the figure.

The artwork, in its entirety, is reflective of Matisse’s exploration of form and domestic space, presenting the viewer with a scene that is both intimate and aesthetically harmonious.

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