Nude from the Rear, Reading (c.1880 – c.1885) by Edgar Degas

Nude from the Rear, Reading - Edgar Degas - c.1880 - c.1885

Artwork Information

TitleNude from the Rear, Reading
ArtistEdgar Degas
Datec.1880 - c.1885
Dimensions38 x 27.8 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Nude from the Rear, Reading

The artwork, “Nude from the Rear, Reading,” is a pastel creation by the celebrated artist Edgar Degas, dating from around 1880 to 1885. This work exemplifies the Impressionist art movement and is categorized as a nude painting (nu). Measuring 38 x 27.8 cm, it is a part of a private collection.

Upon examining the artwork, the viewer is presented with a serene, intimate scene. A woman is depicted from behind, in a state of repose, engrossed in reading. The composition is marked by Degas’ skilled use of pastel, which imparts a softness to the figure and the drapery that envelops her. The subdued colors contribute to the overall tranquility of the piece. A striking balance is struck between the delicate rendering of the woman’s form and the bolder, less detailed treatment of the background, which indicates the artist’s focus on the figure herself. This work, with its candid portrayal of the human form, is a fine example of Degas’ exploration of figure and space, showcasing both technical proficiency and emotional depth.

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