Nude Standing Before Mirror by Aaron Bohrod

Nude Standing Before Mirror - Aaron Bohrod -

Artwork Information

TitleNude Standing Before Mirror
ArtistAaron Bohrod
MediumPen And Ink Wash

About Nude Standing Before Mirror

Aaron Bohrod (1907-1992) was an American artist whose body of work is characterized by trompe-l’œil still-life paintings. Bohrod studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Students League of New York, where he developed a style that championed traditional techniques yet was infused with modernist sensibilities.

One such example of his work is “Nude Standing Before Mirror,” an oil on board painting that depicts a female nude standing before her reflection in a full-length mirror. The figure appears to be deep in thought, with her head tilted slightly downward and one hand resting on the glass surface.

Bohrod’s careful attention to details shines through in this piece, from the intricate patterns on the rug beneath the woman’s feet to the intricate folds in the drapery hanging from a nearby window. The muted color palette imbues “Nude Standing Before Mirror” with a sense of quiet introspection that is characteristic of many of Bohrod’s works.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and other notable institutions hold works by Aaron Bohrod in their collections as examples of American Modernism. While his compositions vary widely from still life fruits to portraits like “Nude Standing Before Mirror,” all are marked by precise technique, keen observation, and nuanced symbolism – elements that make him an important figure within American art history.

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