Nude with a Mirror (1919) by Joan Miro

Nude with a Mirror - Miro, Joan - 1919 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleNude with a Mirror
ArtistJoan Miro
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions112 x 102 cm
Art MovementCubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Nude with a Mirror

Joan Miró’s Nude with Mirror is a surrealist painting created in 1919. The artwork features a collection of objects that represent different parts of the female body, including an egg for the head and apple and turnip for breasts. This oil on canvas masterpiece measures 112 x102 cm and is currently located in a private collection.

The Spanish artist was born in Barcelona in 1893 and was known for his work in sculpture, painting, and ceramics. His earlier works show influences from Cézanne, but as he developed his own style, his paintings became more surrealistic. Nude with Mirror is one of several artworks created by Miró in 1919 featuring mirrors and nudes.

Miró’s Nude with Mirror has not been described in depth yet, but it reflects his interest in exploring themes such as femininity, sexuality, abstraction, and symbolism through art. His larger body of work includes other famous paintings such as House with Palm Tree (1918) and The Tilled Field (1924). Other museums dedicated to showcasing Miró’s contributions to art include the Fundació Joan Miró and Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró located back home in Barcelona where he began creating these masterpieces over a century ago.

In summary, Joan Miro’s Nude with Mirror painted using oil on canvas features unique surrealism that incorporates various objects representing parts of the female body dating back to 1919. Despite being hidden from public viewing due to its location whereabouts held privately however it still plays an essential part confirming who Miro was artistically within Spain mainly based on this painting that explores themes linked to sexuality through symbolism giving us all insight into what it must have been like Dada-era art world culture at the time containing other artworks like House with Palm Tree (1918) while looking forward gazing towards Futurism movement waiting just around the corner entirely transforming how artists would approach depicting everyday life revealing much about Art Deco trends during this period showcasing European modernism whilst also reflecting upon changes occurring within Catalan society juxtaposed against cultural Spaniard tradition eventually leading him down an illustrious path becoming one of Spain’s most famous artists today still featured prominently within various famous paintings housed at galleries across Europe up until present day.`

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