Number 14 (1951) by Jackson Pollock

Number 14 - Jackson Pollock - 1951

Artwork Information

TitleNumber 14
ArtistJackson Pollock
Dimensions146.5 x 269.5 cm
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism
Current LocationTate Modern, London, UK

About Number 14

Jackson Pollock’s “Number 14,” created in 1951, is a quintessential example of Abstract Expressionism. This artwork, rendered in enamel on canvas, measures 146.5 by 269.5 centimeters and exemplifies the abstract genre. Currently, it resides in Tate Modern in London, United Kingdom, showcasing Pollock’s signature drip-painting technique that defined a pivotal moment in modern art.

The artwork itself is characterized by a complex interplay of enamel drips, splatters, and pours that coalesce into a dense and intricate composition. The color palette is largely monochromatic, with a stark contrast between the black enamel and the underlying lighter tones, giving the piece a dynamic and dramatic visual rhythm. The absence of a discernible subject or focal point directs the viewer’s gaze across the entire canvas, inviting an immersive and interpretive experience. This non-representational approach, favored by Pollock, emphasizes the physical act of painting as an integral part of the artwork’s aesthetic and significance.

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