Number 25 (1950) by Jackson Pollock

Number 25 - Jackson Pollock - 1950

Artwork Information

TitleNumber 25
ArtistJackson Pollock
Dimensions25 x 96.2 cm
Art MovementAction painting

About Number 25

“Number 25” is an artwork created by the artist Jackson Pollock in 1950. Employing the medium of encaustic on canvas, it measures 25 by 96.2 centimeters and is rooted in the abstract genre, with a specific connection to the Action painting movement. The artwork displays a characteristic feature of Pollock’s style, showcasing a dense, energetic conglomeration of splattered, dripped, and flung paint, creating a complex web of colors and forms.

Upon examination of the artwork, one can observe a multitude of colors ranging from reds and yellows to white and black, which are intricately layered across the surface. The colors intertwine to form a vibrant and dynamic composition that seems to pulsate with life and movement. The application of paint is haphazard, yet there exists a certain rhythm and coherence within the chaos, inviting the viewer to explore the interplay between the countless lines and shapes that are distributed across the canvas. This particular piece exemplifies the techniques Pollock is renowned for: his radical approach to paint application that revolutionized the very nature of painting during the mid-20th century.

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