Number 29 (1950) by Jackson Pollock

Number 29 - Jackson Pollock - 1950

Artwork Information

TitleNumber 29
ArtistJackson Pollock
Mediummixed technique,glass
Dimensions182.9 x 121.9 cm
Art MovementAction painting
Current LocationNational Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

About Number 29

The artwork titled “Number 29” was created by the renowned artist Jackson Pollock in 1950. It is an abstract piece employing a mixed technique on glass, characteristic of Pollock’s signature action painting style. Measuring 182.9 by 121.9 cm, the artwork is part of the collection at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Canada. This piece is a testament to the expressive capabilities of the artist within the realm of the abstract genre.

“Number 29” is a dynamic composition that displays an intricate web of drips, splatters, and strokes that traverse the surface in a seemingly chaotic yet deliberate manner. The colors are primarily monochromatic with instances of black and gray, punctuated with highlights of red, yellow, and blue. The use of glass as a medium adds a unique texture and reflectiveness to the piece, which sets it apart from Pollock’s more conventional canvas-based works.

The looping and interweaving lines create a sense of depth and movement, encapsulating the energetic action that Pollock was known for during the creative process. The artwork embodies the spontaneity and the physical engagement of action painting, where the act of making the work is as important as the finished piece itself. The absence of a central focal point allows the viewer’s eye to move freely across the surface, contributing to the perception of perpetual motion which is a hallmark of Pollock’s oeuvre. Through “Number 29,” Pollock continues to challenge traditional conceptions of art and representation, inviting the audience to experience the painting as an event, not just as an object.

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