Number 5 (1948) by Jackson Pollock

Number 5 - Jackson Pollock - 1948

Artwork Information

TitleNumber 5
ArtistJackson Pollock
Dimensions243.8 x 121.9 cm
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism

About Number 5

The artwork entitled “Number 5” was created by the renowned artist Jackson Pollock in the year 1948. Emblematic of the Abstract Expressionist movement, this piece measures 243.8 by 121.9 centimeters and is categorized within the abstract genre, which is reflective of the artist’s spontaneous and dynamic approach to painting.

The artwork is a complex composition of dripped, splattered, and flung paint, creating a dense web of colors and textures across the canvas. The color palette is dominated by earthy hues of brown and gray, with accentuating lines of yellow and white that traverse the canvas in an energetic and seemingly chaotic fashion. Pollock’s technique, often referred to as “action painting,” involves the physical act of painting as a crucial element of the artistic process, imbuing the artwork with a sense of movement and rhythm.

The distribution of paint in “Number 5” appears random and unstructured, but closer inspection may reveal an underlying sense of order or pattern that contributes to the visual cohesion of the work. As a result, the viewer may experience a mixture of emotions, from exhilaration and curiosity to contemplation and introspection, reflecting the inherent complexity and emotive power of Abstract Expressionism.

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