Nuremberg Woman Dressed for Church (1500) by Albrecht Durer

Nuremberg Woman Dressed for Church - Albrecht Durer - 1500

Artwork Information

TitleNuremberg Woman Dressed for Church
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationAlbertina, Vienna, Austria

About Nuremberg Woman Dressed for Church

The artwork titled “Nuremberg Woman Dressed for Church” was created by Albrecht Dürer in 1500. This piece is a portrait executed with pen and ink on paper, and it is an example of the Northern Renaissance art movement. It is part of the collection at the Albertina Museum located in Vienna, Austria.

The portrait features a side profile of a woman evidently dressed in her Sunday best, her attire indicating a status of modesty and piety suitable for a church-going lady of Nuremberg during the Renaissance period. Her clothing is meticulously rendered, showing detailed pleats, folds, and textures which underscore Dürer’s mastery in working with pen and ink. The woman’s head is adorned with a large, starched headdress that gives her a sense of prominence and fashion. The artist’s attention to detail extends to the depiction of the expression on her face, which is serene and introspective. The drapery of her garments is particularly noteworthy for its realism and complexity. Dürer’s skilled hand is evident in the way he has captured the play of light and shadow to create depth and volume in the clothing. The care with which he has drawn the headdress and the fine lines of the woman’s facial features showcases his ability to portray his subjects with both accuracy and empathy.

Dürer’s inscription at the top of the page suggests a personalized connection to the work or the subject. This personal notation, combined with the work’s careful execution and representational quality, provides an intimate look at the fashion and social customs of the time and also indicates the importance of individual portraiture in Dürer’s oeuvre.

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