October (1886) by George Inness

October - George Inness - 1886

Artwork Information

ArtistGeorge Inness
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions20 x 30 in (50.8 x 76.2 cm)
Current LocationLos Angeles County Museum of Art

About October

George Inness, an American artist who belonged to the Hudson River School, painted the piece named “October” in 1886. The painting measures 19 15/16 x 29 7/8 inches and utilizes oil paint on a panel. Inness’ style is influenced by Swedenborgianism and philosophical ideas that are reflected in his art. The mystical aspect of his artwork manifests through his abstract handling of shapes, softened edges, and saturated colors.

Inness’ “October” painting is not currently on public display in the Paul Rodman Mabury Collection. This piece portrays an autumn landscape with deep orange trees and a winding river snaking its way into a distance peripherally captured by the artist’s brushstrokes. A solitary figure in black stands at the edge of the shoreline cliff overlooking this beautiful view.

It is worth noting that George Inness espoused Transcendental beliefs about landscapes as spiritual experiences during his last years of life. Consequently, many of his artworks showed evidence of spirituality embedded within them, precisely like October’s mysterious beauty quietly exhibits.

Overall, George Inness’s “October” harmoniously blends together luminosity from glowingly bright leaves with hidden depths lying ahead along with elements from natural panoramic scenes and spiritual ideology focused strokes which he became known for towards later years showcasing how art can express spiritual themes masterfully through color gradations blending different details cohesively ever so elegantly together delivering appreciation for nature descriptively portrayed within this painting.

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