October Interior (1963) by Fairfield Porter

October Interior - Fairfield Porter - 1963

Artwork Information

TitleOctober Interior
ArtistFairfield Porter
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions56 x 72 in
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About October Interior

Fairfield Porter was an American painter and art critic known for his representational paintings of everyday life and landscapes. ‘October Interior’ is one of his famous pieces, painted in 1963. The painting depicts a relaxed and comfortable world through the lens of interest in space, color, and light.

The painting is oil on canvas measuring 56 x 72 in. Porter worked as a Realist painter who painted from observation. ‘October Interior’ is firmly rooted in space, color, and light that incorporates simple domestic environments. Porter’s style was highly influenced by the depictions of everyday life by Bonnard and Vuillard along with lush paint handling from de Kooning that remained highly individualistic.

With this piece, he modernized American impressionism that resonated with many viewers back then indirectly influencing the rise of photo-realism later on. The defining characteristics of October Interior are its confident composition filled with vibrant strokes emphasizing warmth when complemented with soft colors delivering remarkable texture represented efficiently through various layered spaces that make every element rely partly upon each other to come together perfectly.

In conclusion, Fairfield Porter’s ‘October Interior’ 1963 holds immense value not only as a representative example but also for its technical proficiency excellent brushwork applied in its creation as well as attaining an unprecedented level within the context of postmodern art period making it one to see once in your lifetime if you ever get the chance to visit it at museums or galleries where it is exhibited around the world.

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