Old Tree at Dusk (c. 1936) by Emily Carr

Old Tree at Dusk - Emily Carr - c. 1936

Artwork Information

TitleOld Tree at Dusk
ArtistEmily Carr
Datec. 1936
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions112 x 68.5 cm
Current LocationMcMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinberg, Ontario

About Old Tree at Dusk

Emily Carr’s painting, ‘Old Tree at Dusk,’ is a stunning depiction of Pacific Northwest landscapes and aboriginal culture, created in 1936. Known for her post-impressionist and modernist styles that were a rarity in Canada during the early 20th century, Carr used sculptural language to portray the tree prominently in the center while accentuating colors with contrast to render an evocative night setting. The style she used was also heavily influenced by cubism- characterized mostly by its geometric patterns.

The painting shows Carr’s fight against deforestation and her aim to remember cultures of First Nations People. She believed trees were just as important as humans and sought their preservation through her artwork. The old twisted tree depicted in the painting symbolizes how age can make anything beautiful but frail at the same time.

A reproduction of this painting can be found on The Worlds Artist, which is handpainted by expert artists with museum quality guaranteeing every intricate detail in boldness without faulting dignity to Emily Carr’s artistry.

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