Olive Trees (1898) by Henri Matisse

Olive Trees - Henri Matisse - 1898

Artwork Information

TitleOlive Trees
ArtistHenri Matisse
Dimensions38 x 46 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia

About Olive Trees

Henri Matisse’s artwork “Olive Trees,” created in 1898, is an oil on canvas painting that exemplifies the Impressionist movement of its time. The piece measures 38 x 46 cm and can be categorized within the landscape genre. It is part of the collection housed at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Russia. The artwork portrays a rural setting, vivid with the natural beauty of olive trees.

The artwork shows a textured depiction of olive trees using quick, thick brushstrokes that convey a sense of movement and light. Predominantly in shades of green and yellow with contrasting touches of red, the landscape scene suggests a warm, breezy atmosphere typical of an olive grove. The artist has used Impressionistic techniques to capture a moment in nature, focusing on the effects of light rather than fine detail. In the background, one might perceive a hint of a blue expanse that could represent the sky or distant water, enhancing the depth of the scene. It is the artist’s loose, expressive style that conveys both the form and the spirit of the olive trees with a sense of immediacy that engages the viewer.

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