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TitleOlympia, Temple Of Hera
ArtistGreek Art

About Olympia, Temple Of Hera

The Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece is one of the oldest and most significant monuments in the area. Built around 600-590 BC, it honors Hera, Zeus’s wife and goddess of women and marriage. The temple consists of three rooms with 16 columns arranged according to Doric architecture. It is a well-preserved example of an archaic Doric temple design, with its original wooden columns replaced by stone over time.

Inside the temple, visitors can find stunning works of ancient Greek art. One such masterpiece is the sculpture Hermes and the Infant Dionysus discovered within the ruins of the temple itself. This work depicts Hermes holding Dionysus as an infant in his left arm as he picks grapes from a vine with his right hand. The extraordinary detail makes it clear that sculptor Praxiteles was a true master.

The Temple also features ornamentation created by Aeginetan Smilis, figure carvings called Horai (Seasons) beside an image of Zeus and Hera. These carvings portray moments throughout different seasons that are relevant to Greece’s religious beliefs during those times.

Overall, visiting Olympia’s Temple Of Hera offers both historical significance and outstanding artwork for any tourist or lover of ancient Greek culture to appreciate firsthand.

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