On The Stour (c. 1834) by John Constable

On The Stour - John Constable - c. 1834

Artwork Information

TitleOn The Stour
ArtistJohn Constable
Datec. 1834
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions24 3/8 x 31 1/8 in (62 x 79 cm)
Current LocationThe Phillips Collection, Washington

About On The Stour

John Constable was an English landscape painter in the early 19th century who transformed the way we see the English countryside. He is most famous for his paintings of the River Stour valley, which came to be known as “Constable Country.” His works incorporated specific trees and foliage with a clear naturalism and sense of light, achieved through making oil sketches in open-air.

One of Constable’s most beloved paintings is “The White Horse,” which showcases his characteristic atmospheric effects. Another renowned painting of his is “The Lock,” depicting a serene rural scene on the River Stour. His work captures not just natural landscapes, but also depicts stories about life in rural places.

Constable studied meteorological books and took weather seriously. In learning topography techniques from studying local areas around where he lived, he acquired rudimentary knowledge of landscape composition. As such, his paintings showcased this understanding with excellent depth perception.

In essence, John Constable had a great impact on English landscape painting by capturing nature using unique techniques that conveyed realism and emotion. His works are still celebrated today and serve as inspiration to many aspiring artists worldwide.

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