One More than One (1967) by Eva Hesse

One More than One - Eva Hesse - 1967

Artwork Information

TitleOne More than One
ArtistEva Hesse
MediumWood, plastic, papier-mache, cord, and Acrylic
Dimensions(20.3 x 38.1 x 12.7 cm)
Current LocationCollection Naomi Spector and Stephen Antonakos

About One More than One

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is currently featuring an exciting new exhibition titled “One More than One,” which showcases the work of Eva Hesse, one of the most influential female artists of the 20th century. Hesse’s art ushered in the postminimal art movement in the 1960s, and she combined seriality and reduction of 1960s Minimalism with emotion, sensuousness and physicality, using unconventional materials. Her sculptures made from polyester, fiberglass and latex are on display to illustrate textural juxtapositions between hard and soft elements.

Hesse’s sculptures challenge conventional notions of what makes good art by experimenting with forms and materials that were considered unorthodox or unconventional at the time. The use of industrial materials like polyester, fiberglass, rope, plastics and latex gave her artworks a unique look while allowing her to explore new ways of expressing herself creatively. In particular, her focus on repetitive structures brought attention to how thematic organizing can create meaning within minimal composition.

The book “Eva Hesse: One More than One” also features essays that explain how Hesse approached her art-making process as well as images detailing her various works. Reproduced in this book is an image from 1966 depicting Hesse working in her studio at 134 Bowery; providing readers with archival glimpses into a critically acclaimed artist’s work practices who left an indelible mark on contemporary sculpture.

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