Open Window at Collioure (1910) by Henri Matisse

Open Window at Collioure - Henri Matisse - 1910

Artwork Information

TitleOpen Window at Collioure
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Open Window at Collioure

The artwork “Open Window at Collioure” is a masterful creation by Henri Matisse, dated to the year 1910. This piece is situated within the genre of interior painting, yet it deftly incorporates the exterior vista as a significant element of its composition. Henri Matisse is recognized for his unique use of color and his contribution to the development of modern art.

The artwork itself exhibits a vibrant and colorful interior scene, with a central focus on an open window that reveals a scenic view of Collioure, a small town on the southern coast of France. This open portal showcases a panorama of lush, rolling hills, with the blue sky above and buildings interspersed among the greenery. The interior is marked by a contrast of vivid and subdued hues, with a pinkish red floor that establishes a warm ambiance. A single wooden chair is positioned in the foreground, adjacent to which is a small flower pot holding an arrangement of delicate blooms, the gentle curves of the plant providing an organic contrast to the geometric lines present elsewhere.

Matisse’s brushwork gives a sense of immediacy and spontaneity, while the flatness and abstraction in his use of color suggest a departure from traditional realism towards the innovations that characterized early 20th-century art. There are also framed artworks depicted on the wall to the right, albeit their details are intentionally indistinct, which creates an intriguing dialogue within the painting about the nature of windows as both physical objects and metaphorical entities for art itself.

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