Orchids and Hummingbird (c. 1875-83) by Martin Johnson Heade

Orchids and Hummingbird - Martin Johnson Heade - c. 1875-83

Artwork Information

TitleOrchids and Hummingbird
ArtistMartin Johnson Heade
Datec. 1875-83
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions14 1/8 x 22 1/8 in
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston
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About Orchids and Hummingbird

Martin Johnson Heade was an American painter famous for his depictions of tropical birds, lotus blossoms and still lifes. He incorporated orchids and hummingbirds in his artwork since 1871, which were considered highpoints of his artistic achievements. One of Heade’s earliest orchid paintings exists at Olana, Frederick Church’s estate on Hudson River.

The painting titled “Orchids And Hummingbird” by Martin Johnson Heade dates back to c. 1875-83 is a stunning piece that features the unique combination of two seemingly unrelated subjects. The painting captures the essence of the South American tropics with its lush green background and vivid pink orchids placed strategically around the painting. The focal point of this artwork is undoubtedly the tiny yet colorful hummingbird perched atop one of these delicate flowers.

Heade’s choice to combine orchids and hummingbirds in his paintings showcases his love for nature and exemplifies how he sought inspiration from its beauty. His style marries perfectly with Romanticism; capturing intense emotions through rich colors while highlighting individualism through exploration of wildlife, exotic locales or beautiful forms such as flowers like orchids, a jewel-tone blossom revered for their complex shape and elegance that would also complement well against their feathery adorned companions – such as hummingbirds, known for their rapid flapping wings that maintain levitation during flight. With “Orchids And Hummingbird,” Martin Johnson Heade has left behind an artistic masterpiece worthy of admiration even today by art enthusiasts worldwide due to the vibrant colors and overall beauty combined with attention-grabbing subjects depicting nature itself captured seamlessly within this single frame showcasing natural harmony always present in our environment just waiting to be observed once again anew using art techniques similar to romanticized realism injected into modern times artwork trends influencing generations alike!

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