Origin 2023 (2023) by Natalia Schäfer

Origin 2023 - Natalia Schäfer - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleOrigin 2023
ArtistNatalia Schäfer
MediumAcrylic, Gilding on Canvas

About Origin 2023

The artwork entitled “Origin 2023” was crafted by the artist Natalia Schäfer in the year 2023. This piece is an embodiment of religious themes, created using acrylic paint and gilding techniques upon a canvas, with dimensions that extend to 27.6 by 27.6 inches. Its stylistic approach can be identified within the semi-abstract art movement, which blends representational elements with abstracted forms.

Upon observing the artwork, one is immediately drawn to the central feature, which resembles a radiant orb or nucleus, possibly symbolizing the origin or a divine presence, in keeping with the artwork’s religious connotations. The gilded lines emanating from this central point suggest a burst of energy or enlightenment, reaching outwards in a dynamic and organic fashion, reminiscent of golden roots or tendrils. The backdrop is a rich, textured teal, interspersed with splashes of gilding, contributing to a sense of depth and cosmic vastness.

There is an inherent dynamism to the artwork, as the linear elements appear to be in motion, radiating from the nucleus. The contrast between the gold and the deep teal creates not only a visual but also a symbolic juxtaposition, possibly referencing a spiritual illumination against the backdrop of the material world. The semi-abstract nature of the work encourages the viewer to interpret the religious themes through a personal lens, contemplating the intersection of the divine with the terrestrial.

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