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Paestum, Temple Of Hera I (basilica)  - Greek Art -

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TitlePaestum, Temple Of Hera I (basilica)
ArtistGreek Art

About Paestum, Temple Of Hera I (basilica)

The Temple of Hera I, also known as the Basilica, is an ancient Greek temple located at the archaeological site of Paestum. Constructed in the archaic Doric style around 550 BCE, this peripteral temple features a unique feature – flowers carved into the peak of each column. This decoration is not typical of structures built in the Doric order and serves to date the building to around 550 BCE.

Paestum itself was founded by Greeks from Sybaris in around 600 BCE and is famous for its well-preserved ancient Greek temples constructed between 550 to 450 BC. The Temple of Hera I is part of a larger enclosed sanctuary dedicated to Hera, which also includes the later-built Temple of Hera II. In addition to these temples, visitors can explore other significant ruins in Paestum such as city walls, paved roads, and an amphitheater.

The design variations on each flower decoration add dimensionality that typifies Mediterranean architecture structures built using known Illusion artform entasis which skillfully curved or tapered lines accompanying stone pillar rising affecting visual perspective we see that appears straighter than it would otherwise appear due to our tendency for perceptual compensation patterns This artistic touch adds allure and subtlety while showcasing Greek mastery as exuded through this anciebnt structure.

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