Painting 97I003 (1997) by Abie Loy Kemarre

Painting 97I003 - Abie Loy Kemarre - 1997

Artwork Information

TitlePainting 97I003
ArtistAbie Loy Kemarre
Art MovementNative Art

About Painting 97I003

The artwork titled “Painting 97I003” was created by Abie Loy Kemarre in 1997 and belongs to the Native Art movement. It is an abstract piece that reflects the cultural heritage and artistic traditions of the Aboriginal people.

The image reveals a densely textured tableau with complex layering of lines and dots that create an intricate pattern across the canvas. The colors blend harmoniously, consisting of earthy tones that range from light beige to dark brown, with subtle variations that may represent the natural landscapes and elements relevant to the artist’s cultural background. The repetition of patterns and the methodical placement of dots produce a visually dynamic surface that suggests movement and depth while retaining an overall unity in the composition. This painting possibly carries cultural significance, often seen in Aboriginal artworks, where the intricate dot work can convey stories, traditions, and connections to the land.

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