Painting 99G022 (1999) by Abie Loy Kemarre

Painting 99G022 - Abie Loy Kemarre - 1999

Artwork Information

TitlePainting 99G022
ArtistAbie Loy Kemarre
Art MovementNative Art
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About Painting 99G022

“Painting 99G022” is an abstract artwork created by Abie Loy Kemarre in 1999, situated within the Native Art movement. The painting presents a patterned composition dominated by curvilinear elements in warm tones that dance rhythmically against a darker background.

Upon observing the artwork, it is immediately striking for its meticulous pattern of repeating semi-circular shapes, reminiscent of scales or waves. These elements create a dynamic surface, with the undulating forms suggesting movement and a sense of organic growth. The rich contrast between the earthy, orange-toned patterns and the deep, nearly black background provides a visual depth, drawing the viewer’s eye into the intricate detail of each individual element. The painting carries a vibrant energy through its repetition and variation, engaging the viewer in a visual dialogue between form, color, and the cultural storytelling inherent to Abie Loy Kemarre’s artistic expression.

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