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ArtistRoman Art
Current LocationRome

About Pantheon

The Pantheon is a remarkable and well-preserved temple built in Rome around the second century AD. Its interior design is considered more important than its exterior, making it a popular subject for architects and designers. The dome of the building is massive and rotunda-shaped, while the portico features symmetrical classical design with Corinthian columns.

Marcus Agrippa originally built the Pantheon in 27 BC to celebrate Emperor Augustus’ victory, but Emperor Hadrian had it rebuilt in 118 AD. The drum of the structure appears solid but is hollow and made of concrete. Moreover, it was dedicated to all Roman gods before becoming a church.

The building’s impressive architecture has influenced exceptional designs and structures throughout history due to its style, shape, symmetry, and proportions. Its sophistication lies in its simplicity since it was built with basic raw materials like cement mixtures that would have been available two thousand years ago.

In conclusion, the Pantheon is an excellent representation of early Roman art that still stands strong today due to its durability and quality workmanship. It remains an iconic template for future architects looking to take inspiration from ancient designs that have stood on test time despite environmental factors like earthquakes natural disasters over centuries.

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