Paolo and Francesca (c. 1887-89) by Auguste Rodin

Paolo and Francesca - Auguste Rodin - c. 1887-89

Artwork Information

TitlePaolo and Francesca
ArtistAuguste Rodin
Datec. 1887-89
Dimensions11 3/4 x 25 x 12 in (29.8 x 63.5 x 30.5 cm)

About Paolo and Francesca

Paolo and Francesca is a sculptural group created by Auguste Rodin between 1887-1889, based on the doomed lovers from Dante’s The Divine Comedy. This masterpiece was initially designed for The Gates of Hell, but has since become a well-known sculpture on its own.

Rodin portrayed Francesca da Rimini in his work The Kiss, which was controversial due to its portrayal of female sexuality. However, Paolo and Francesca were created during the same period as that sculpture and feature two figures intimately embraced, which had similar reactions.

Auguste Rodin’s legacy left a huge impact on younger artists who were inspired by his works. His sculptures and drawings have been exhibited at prestigious institutions around the world since their creation.

Overall, Paolo and Francesca is a significant sculpture in art history that depicts one of literature’s most enduring romantic tragedies. It showcases Rodin’s mastery of form and emotion while highlighting his dedication to exploring human experiences through art.

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