Paterson Centre (Expression of a Silktown) (1914-15) by Oscar Bluemner

Paterson Centre (Expression of a Silktown) - Oscar Bluemner - 1914-15

Artwork Information

TitlePaterson Centre (Expression of a Silktown)
ArtistOscar Bluemner
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions30 x 40 in
Current LocationNew Jersey State Museum, Trenton

About Paterson Centre (Expression of a Silktown)

Oscar Bluemner’s “Paterson Centre (Expression of a Silktown)” is an impressive artwork showcasing Paterson’s silk factories and the panoramic view of Garrett Mountain. Created between 1914 and 1915, this masterpiece marked a significant change in Bluemner’s artistic techniques. He transitioned from his realistic style to a more colorful, expressive, abstract form that emphasized the tonal contrasts between different areas.

The Whitney Museum of American Art proudly owns this artwork as part of its collection. The Paterson paintings by Bluemner have become prominent pieces among critics for their excellent portrayal of the industrial cityscape. The artist has illustrated how industrialization erodes nature with structures obstructing natural scenes.

Print reproductions and oil paintings copies of this piece have been made available for art enthusiasts around the world. Auctions for Oscar Bluemner’s works are not common; however, when they occur, especially those featuring his Paterson paintings, they rarely disappoint.

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