Paysage De Collioure (c.1907) by Henri Matisse

Paysage De Collioure - Henri Matisse - c.1907

Artwork Information

TitlePaysage De Collioure
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Paysage De Collioure

“Paysage De Collioure” is an artwork painted by Henri Matisse, estimated to date from around 1907. The piece is rendered in the genre of landscape, depicting a scenic view that resonates with Matisse’s distinctive style and chromatic exuberance.

The artwork presents a vibrant and colourful portrayal of the landscape of Collioure, a small town in the south of France that served as an inspiration to many artists during the early 20th century. In the foreground, the viewer can observe a variety of greenery, with trees and foliage occupying a substantial portion of the composition. The depiction of leaves and shrubs is done with bold and visible brushstrokes that emit a sense of movement and liveliness.

Moving towards the middle ground, one can notice roads or pathways that gently meander towards the sea, suggesting both depth and perspective. Houses with terracotta roofs add to the Mediterranean charm of the scene and are scattered throughout, with hints of pink and red highlighting their structures and complementing the predominantly green surroundings.

In the background, the sea merges with the horizon, and the sky is rendered in shades of blue, with dynamic cloud formations of darker tones adorning the upper portion of the canvas. This interplay of colours and forms exemplifies Matisse’s interest in conveying the emotional impact of a scene rather than through strict realism.

Overall, the landscape is composed in such a way that it balances the spontaneous manifestations of form and line with a masterful sense of harmony, making “Paysage De Collioure” an exemplar of Matisse’s innovative approach to landscape art during his Fauvist period.

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