Pedro Romero (1795) by Francisco Goya

Pedro Romero - Francisco Goya - 1795

Artwork Information

TitlePedro Romero
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions84 x 65 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationKimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX, US

About Pedro Romero

The artwork titled “Pedro Romero” was created by the distinguished Spanish artist Francisco Goya in 1795. As an exemplar of the Romanticism art movement, this portrait measures 84 x 65 cm. It is currently housed in the Kimbell Art Museum, located in Fort Worth, Texas, United States, where it stands as a significant piece in their collection.

The artwork portrays Pedro Romero, a celebrated bullfighter of the time, known for his prowess and contributions to the corrida. Goya has captured Romero’s likeness with solemn dignity, eschewing the dynamic movement typically associated with bullfighting for a more reflective and poised portrayal. Romero is depicted against a muted background that does not distract from his figure; he is seated with one arm resting on what appears to be a drapery or part of his cape, and the other arm partly visible in the composition.

The subject’s attire is of particular note — he wears a dark jacket adorned with intricate buttons, a ruffled white shirt with a cravat, and a vibrant sash that injects a measure of opulence into the otherwise subdued color palette. His expression is serious and contemplative, which suggests a man of deep thought and inner intensity, a deviation from the often sensational depiction of toreros. Goya’s technique in the rendering of textures, particularly in the clothing, and the lifelike representation of Romero’s features, speaks to the artist’s skill in portraiture and his capacity to convey the character and station of his subjects.

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