Pelican and Ducks in a Mountain Landscape by Adriaen Coorte

Pelican and Ducks in a Mountain Landscape - Adriaen Coorte -

Artwork Information

TitlePelican and Ducks in a Mountain Landscape
ArtistAdriaen Coorte
Art MovementBaroque
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About Pelican and Ducks in a Mountain Landscape

The artwork “Pelican and Ducks in a Mountain Landscape” is a creation by Adriaen Coorte, a Dutch painter associated with the Baroque movement. Completed in 1683, this piece exemplifies the detailed and dramatic style typical of the Baroque era, characterized by vivid contrasts and a sense of movement.

In the artwork, the viewer is presented with a naturalistic scene featuring a large pelican standing prominently in the foreground, its pink and white plumage capturing the eye with a sense of both delicacy and grandeur. To the pelican’s side, a duck with rich reddish-brown feathers appears to engage with the central bird, perhaps in silent discourse. Surrounding these two are various other waterfowl, including ducks that are resting and others that are in motion, perhaps startled or simply going about their business in this tranquil environment.

The background of the painting reveals a glimpse of a mountain landscape, suggesting depth and giving context to the scene. A stone structure, partially obscured by the pelican, hosts a small fountain from which water gracefully falls, further enhancing the serene quality of the setting. This juxtaposition of wildlife and the constructed element of the fountain presents a harmonious blend of nature and human influence.

The artist’s name and the year of the artwork’s completion are inscribed on the stone structure, leaving an unequivocal mark of authorship on the scene. The light handling and the composition are reflective of Coorte’s known attention to detail and his ability to capture the essence of his subjects with precision and care.

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