Penitent Mary Magdalen (c. 1560) by Titian

Penitent Mary Magdalen - Titian - c

Artwork Information

TitlePenitent Mary Magdalen
Date1560 - c.1565
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions119 x 98 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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About Penitent Mary Magdalen

The Penitent Magdalene is a striking oil painting created by Titian around 1531. The artwork depicts the biblical figure of Mary Magdalene, depicted as a former prostitute overcome with regret and asking Jesus for forgiveness. The painting can now be found in the Sala di Apollo at Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

Remarkably, this was not the only version of this masterpiece that Titian produced. In 1565, he painted another version, currently located at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. There are subtle differences between the two versions; notably, Mary’s nudity is covered in the later piece by some drapery and classical symbols of mortality (a vase, an open book and a skull) have been added.

Donatello’s wooden sculpture named after Mary Magdalene also represents her penitence but depicts her using a different posture. By presenting such works like Penitent Mary Magdalen to inspire spiritual devotion during Catholicism’s challenging times with Protestant reformists describes how art transcends its immediate purpose into becoming both historical and cultural artifacts that transcend time and space through artistic expression for all those who appreciate it. Overall, Titian’s work remains one of the most profound representations of this iconic religious figure throughout history due to its use of mature coloring and harmonious colors to evoke reverence from its viewers.

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