Penitent St. Jerome (1507) by Albrecht Altdorfer

Penitent St. Jerome - Albrecht Altdorfer - 1507

Artwork Information

TitlePenitent St. Jerome
ArtistAlbrecht Altdorfer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
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About Penitent St. Jerome

“Penitent St. Jerome,” an evocative piece by the German painter Albrecht Altdorfer, was created in 1507 during the Northern Renaissance period. This religious painting, which is part of a rich tradition of depicting St. Jerome in a state of penance, showcases Altdorfer’s skill in blending spiritual themes with his renowned landscape artistry.

Altdorfer, born around 1480 in Regensburg and active until his death in 1538, was not only a painter but also an etcher and printmaker. His work on “Penitent St. Jerome” is particularly notable for its integration of the natural environmenta hallmark of Altdorfer’s stylewith the central figure of the saint. The painting is characterized by the use of green tones to depict the Bavarian countryside, a bright sky that illuminates the composition, and the strategic framing of the scene with tall, slender trees.

The subject of the artwork, St. Jerome, is a revered figure known for his scholarly pursuits, including his translation of the Bible into Latin, known as the Vulgate. In Altdorfer’s portrayal, St. Jerome is shown in penitence, a common theme in Renaissance art reflecting the saint’s asceticism and spiritual devotion. This theme resonated with the religious sentiments of the time, often commissioned by patrons who desired artworks imbued with religious iconography for places of worship or personal devotion.

Altdorfer’s “Penitent St. Jerome” is a testament to the artist’s ability to convey deep religious sentiment through the interplay of human figures and the natural world, creating a piece that is both a devotional image and a celebration of the landscape genre. The painting remains a significant example of Altdorfer’s contribution to the Northern Renaissance and the enduring legacy of religious art from this period.

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