Peter the Great on the hunt by Ilya Repin

Peter the Great on the hunt - Ilya Repin -

Artwork Information

TitlePeter the Great on the hunt
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Peter the Great on the hunt

The artwork titled “Peter the Great on the hunt” by Ilya Repin is a quintessential example of the Realism art movement, particularly within the genre of history painting. The work captures a dynamic and vivacious scene centered on the historic figure of Peter the Great engaged in the aristocratic activity of hunting.

In the artwork, the Russian tsar, Peter the Great, is portrayed mounted on a horse, energetically participating in the hunt. He is depicted with a sense of immediacy and motion, as if captured in a fleeting moment of time. Around him, the entourage of hunters and horses echoes the fervor of the chase, adding to the composition’s dynamism. The painter has employed a palette that reflects the natural hues of the landscape and the atmosphere, while the brushwork conveys a spontaneity that is characteristic of Ilya Repin’s style. The unfinished edges and the loose handling of paint suggest a sketch-like quality, providing an impression of the hunt rather than a meticulously detailed representation. This approach allows viewers to sense the movement and excitement inherent in the sport of hunting, as experienced by nobility during Peter the Great’s era.

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