Phantom Interceptors (1964) by Gerhard Richter

Phantom Interceptors - Gerhard Richter - 1964

Artwork Information

TitlePhantom Interceptors
ArtistGerhard Richter
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions(140 x 190 cm)
Art MovementNew European Painting
Current LocationFroehlich Collection, Stuttgart

About Phantom Interceptors

“Phantom Interceptors” is a distinguished artwork by Gerhard Richter, created in 1964. This oil on canvas reflects the figural representation within the New European Painting movement. It measures 140 by 190 centimeters and forms part of the “Aeroplanes (1963-1964)” series. Currently, the artwork is housed in the Froehlich Collection in Stuttgart.

The artwork features the dramatic depiction of military airplanes, showcasing Richter’s hallmark blurring technique. The planes are rendered with a swift dynamism, almost to the point of abstraction, fostering a sensation of speed and movement within the viewer. This blurring not only serves to convey a sense of motion but also suggests an intentional obfuscation of detail, a common characteristic within Richter’s oeuvre that prompts reflection on the medium of painting and the authenticity of representation. The grayscale palette further adds to the photograph-like quality of the work, an attribute that is frequently seen in Richter’s interpretations of mechanical objects and historical themes.

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