Philip IV King of Spain (c.1632 – c.1633) by Diego Velazquez

Philip IV King of Spain - Diego Velazquez - c.1632 - c.1633

Artwork Information

TitlePhilip IV King of Spain
ArtistDiego Velazquez
Datec.1632 - c.1633
Dimensions126 x 191 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationMuseo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

About Philip IV King of Spain

The artwork titled “Philip IV, King of Spain” is a masterful oil painting on canvas by the renowned artist Diego Velazquez, executed around 1632 to 1633. It exemplifies the grandeur and intensity of the Baroque art movement with dimensions of 126 x 191 cm. This portrait is a significant genre work from Velazquez’s oeuvre and currently resides in the esteemed Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.

The artwork captures the imposing figure of Philip IV, standing regally in an outdoor landscape setting. The King is portrayed full-length, dressed in a somber yet richly detailed black hunting outfit with sleeves that feature a patina of luxurious fabric. His right hand rests confidently on his hip, while his left hand gently grasps a long, red-hued spear. A delicate white ruff encircles his neck, highlighting the elegance of his attire.

He is dressed in courtly attire reflective of his royal status, with a sense of unstated power and dignity. Velazquez’s skill in rendering the textures of fabric and the complex interplay of light is evident here, as is his capacity for capturing the human likeness and regal poise of his sitter. The background depicts a soft and expansive landscape, evoking a sense of depth and openness that contrasts with the solid, central figure of the King. A loyal dog sits obediently by his side, adding a personal and intimate touch to the composition. The faithful canine companion gazes up attentively, enhancing the noble character of the king.

Velazquez’s technique showcases his use of chiaroscuro to draw the eye to the King’s lit visage, indicative of his central role as the subject. The informal yet authoritative stance of Philip IV, combined with the painter’s refined attention to detail, creates a powerful and enduring image that exemplifies Baroque portraiture.

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