Picasso And Braque (1992) by Mark Tansey

Picasso And Braque - Mark Tansey - 1992

Artwork Information

TitlePicasso And Braque
ArtistMark Tansey
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions80 x 108 in.
Current LocationLos Angeles County Museum Of Art

About Picasso And Braque

Mark Tansey’s 1992 painting, “Picasso and Braque,” depicts the two artists attempting to launch an airplane that is modeled after an early Picasso collage. Currently held by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the monochromatic painting showcases Tansey’s utmost precision in creating hyper-realistic art.

Pablo Picasso, the most dominant artist of the first half of the 20th century, was famous for pioneering Cubism. During 1910-1912, he had a highly experimental exchange with Georges Braque that shapes the entire history of art. We can see a glimpse of this era through Tansey’s piece.

Tansey’s painting reimagines this dialogue between Picasso and Braque as they launch a plane modeled after one of Picasso’s early collages. The piece also pays homage to their partnership and its influence on modern art. It captures not only their innovative spirit but also their thirst for exploring different forms of expression.

Overall, Tansey’s “Picasso and Braque” provides a snapshot into both historical figures’ creative process while showcasing his incredible talent for recreating hyper-realistic art in a unique way.

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