Pierres No. 21 (1933) by Alberto Magnelli

Pierres No. 21 - Alberto Magnelli - 1933

Artwork Information

TitlePierres No. 21
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art

About Pierres No. 21

The artwork entitled “Pierres No. 21” was created by artist Alberto Magnelli in the year 1933. As a prominent piece representative of the Abstract Art movement, this work exemplifies the genre of abstract, focusing on form, color, and line rather than realistic depictions of the physical world.

“Pierres No. 21” by Magnelli is characterized by a composition of geometric shapes and fragmented forms that interact dynamically on the canvas. The predominance of angular contours and a variety of shapes suggests a certain rhythmic fragmentation, common to the abstract style of the era. The color palette is somewhat subdued yet features contrasts that emphasize the separation of forms, with earth tones set against areas of white, black, and shades of gray, punctuated by subtle hints of red. The spatial relationships between the shapes create an impression of depth and movement, inviting the viewer to interpret the artwork beyond the confines of representational art. As with much of abstract art, the piece may evoke different interpretations, engaging the observer in an exploration of form and personal imagination.

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