Pilchuk Baskets (1978) by Dale Chihuly

Pilchuk Baskets - Dale Chihuly - 1978

Artwork Information

TitlePilchuk Baskets
ArtistDale Chihuly
Dimensions12 x 20 x 22 in

About Pilchuk Baskets

Dale Chihuly’s solo exhibition in 1978 showcased his Pilchuck Basket Group, inspired by Native American basketry. This innovative series is considered one of his most important works and features asymmetrical vessels with thin, undulating walls. Chihuly experimented with fire, gravity, and centrifugal force to create the pieces that he often grouped in sets.

The Pilchuck Glass School founded by Chihuly provided a vital source for his Baskets and Cylinder series. Anne Gould Hauberg and John H. Hauberg supported him during the school’s formation, which started in 1971. The Baskets have distinct features such as several small pieces nested within larger wide-mouthed forms.

Chihuly explored larger and more expressive works between 1978-1994 through his exhibition that showcased his growth evolution up until then. He managed to produce colorful pieces featuring unique expressions over time, marked by vast variations in size resulting from continuous practice of sustained lines inclusive of transparents colors across all themed-studio work between those years.

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