Pink Shoes and Soho Street After Rain (2023) by Chin H Shin

Pink Shoes and Soho Street After Rain - Chin H Shin - 2023

Artwork Information

TitlePink Shoes and Soho Street After Rain
ArtistChin H Shin
MediumOil on Wood
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About Pink Shoes and Soho Street After Rain

“Pink Shoes and Soho Street After Rain” is an artwork by Chin H Shin, created in 2023. It is an oil painting on wood, with dimensions measuring 31.5 by 24 inches. The work falls under the genre painting category, which is a type of fine art. Typically, genre paintings depict scenes from everyday life and this artwork exemplifies that tradition, showcasing a moment on a city street.

The artwork depicts an urban streetscape, presumably set in the Soho district given its title. A focal point is a figure of a young woman in the foreground, casually dressed, with striking pink shoes that add a pop of color to the scene. She is depicted in motion, seemingly walking towards the viewer. She is equipped with earphones, suggesting she might be enjoying music, a podcast, or engaging in a phone conversation, emphasizing the contemporary setting of the piece.

The street, glistening with reflections from the recent rain, creates a path that draws the viewer’s eye towards the background. Illuminated signs, including one that reads ‘A.P.C’ and another advertising a café, give the painting an urban vibe and provide context to the location. The street lamps and the warm, glowing windows contribute to a sense of warmth and intimacy amidst the urban environment.

The rich, warm color palette dominated by ochres, browns, and oranges imbues the scene with a certain time of day — likely evening or sunset — which, combined with the wet street, offers an evocative mood and atmosphere. The artist’s use of light and shadow, as well as the reflective quality of the wet pavement, enhances the painting’s dynamic composition, bringing a feeling of life and vibrancy to this cityscape portrayal.

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