Pink White Flower Form (1985) by Dale Chihuly

Pink White Flower Form - Dale Chihuly - 1985

Artwork Information

TitlePink White Flower Form
ArtistDale Chihuly
Dimensions44 x 84 x 62 in

About Pink White Flower Form

Dale Chihuly, a renowned glass sculptor, created the White and Pink Seaform Set with White and Black Lip Wraps in 1985. This set was gifted to the Palm Springs Art Museum in memory of Sam Rubinstein in 2014. The Pink White Flower Form is one of the notable pieces from this collection that features a delicate composition of pink and white colored glass petals arranged in a floral form.

Chihuly’s work is known for being formal, elegant, extravagant, and having dramatic emotional and visual effects. He drew inspiration from nature to create intricate designs using color and form. The Pink White Flower Form perfectly exemplifies this style with its beautifully crafted flower structure that appears almost lifelike in its details.

Aside from the Pink White Flower Form, Chihuly has produced many other breathtaking glass sculptures that are included in permanent collections across the United States. His pioneering work has pushed boundaries within contemporary art making him one of the most prominent figures working with glass today.

To fully appreciate Chihuly’s artwork like the “Pink White Flower” it’s important to understand his technique as well as what he aimed to communicate through his work. Many have described his art as an expression of pure joy, capturing a moment of natural beauty frozen forever within delicate glass structures.

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