Place Furstenberg, Paris, August 7,8,9, 1985 #1 (1985) by David Hockney

Place Furstenberg, Paris, August 7,8,9, 1985 #1 - David Hockney - 1985

Artwork Information

TitlePlace Furstenberg, Paris, August 7,8,9, 1985 #1
ArtistDavid Hockney
Dimensions35 x 31 1/2 in. (88.9 x 80 cm)
Current LocationCollection of the artist

About Place Furstenberg, Paris, August 7,8,9, 1985 #1

Place Furstenberg, Paris is a photomontage or “joiner” created by David Hockney in 1985. The artwork is an assemblage of different photographs taken at various angles and perspectives to create a detailed image of a street situated in Paris. The circular collage depicts the entrance courtyard to an abbey and was named after Cardinal William Egon of Furstenberg.

David Hockney was an English artist who explored the use of photo collages in his works during the early 1980s, which he referred to as “joiners”. Place Furstenberg, Paris showcases his expertise in capturing details and contextualizing them into single compositions that allow viewers to take virtual strolls on the streets housed within them.

The location chosen for this artwork has been described as one of the most romantic settings in Paris. Apart from providing visual elements for tourists, Place Furstenberg also carries architectural significance, given its historical background in housing an abbey. Created over three days – August 7th through 9th – this artwork showcases Hockney’s experimentation with multiple photography techniques while creating masterful art pieces that retain their relevance even up till today.

In essence, Place Furstenberg joins both history and contemporary art through Hockney’s eye for detail while retaining its beauty almost four decades after it was created.

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